Midwest Groundcovers introduces the perfect plant for the holiday season: Merry Christmas Holly®! It’s time to enjoy this seasonal treat that’s different from all the rest.

Located along the Fox River in St. Charles, Illinois, Midwest Groundcovers was established in 1969 by Peter Orum and his wife, Irma. Orum, a Danish nurseryman, immigrated to the U.S. in 1965. Over the years, the company has grown from its original five-acre site to include 90 acres in St. Charles, more than 300 acres in Glenn, Michigan, and an additional 250 acres in Virgil, Illinois.

The iconic holly plant, with its distinctive leaves and bright red berries, has a special place in cultures ancient and modern, and has been embraced as the symbol of Christmas for centuries.

Holly Berry
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Merry Christmas Holly®

Like the mini rose, Merry Christmas Holly® is a true miniature. Unlike other holiday plants that are trimmed to a smaller shape, this is a young, standard variety whose leaves and fruit is proportional to the plant’s size, making it perfect for decorating your home or giving it as a festive gift.

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Finding Merry Christmas Holly®

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Taking Care of your
Merry Christmas Holly®

With proper care, your Merry Christmas Holly® will retain its berries for many months. Take these steps to ensure the holiday joy will last through the season:

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For Indoor use


Place plant in a well-lit area


Water thoroughly and allow to dry before watering again


Keep the plant away from excessive heat and freezing cold

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Holly is not safe for people or pets to consume

To water from below, fill up a bowl with water, and allow the plant to absorb the water through the holes in the bottom of the pot. Your low-maintenance Merry Christmas Holly® needs no fertilizer or pest control, won’t need repotting, and can be composted at the end of the holiday season.

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